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Peter Joseph; The Zeitgeist Movement. He opened our sleeping minds.
Russell C. Crawford comes to Brazil and along with TBP performs the first artesian well with his method.
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Money is not meant to make money. Money is meant to manifest the new creation.

"City of Dawn" Feature film; Mother Mirra

In order to manifest our new society, a yearly fee has been established at an extremely small amount per capita. The value is determined by geographical location of the participant and an adjustment applied utilizing Global Ecological Footprint. Everyone who registers will take part in the creation of this new global society. Welcome to all who are seriously interested in the implementation of a Global Resource Based Economy.


Current project needs

The Brazil Project

The Brazil Project is an initiative that arose from an opportunity offered in Ceará, of a donation of land, to build a working model of a Resource-Based Economy (RBE).

We are in "phase 0", which is resolving all the paperwork arrising from the project, in addition to the study needed on the site where we will develop the first city 100% purely based on resources.

This project is dedicated to the more than 75 years of effort by Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows of The Venus Project, Peter Joseph of The Zeitgeist Movement and to all Humanity that have wanted to realize this new society.

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